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KRA Technology Guides


KReady System ELA/KRA App Technical Specifications

This document outlines the technology guidelines and requirements for the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) and the Early Learning Assessment (ELA). (Current as of 08-01-2021) (73.3KB)

KReady Domain and Email Whitelist

This document outlines the domains and email address to add to your whitelist to ensure access to all KReady functionalities and receive our email communications. (Current as of 08-30-2021) (75.1 KB)


Data Guidelines

Data Managers should use these Data Guidelines to upload user, student, and enrollment data into KReady.


SC KRA Data Guidelines

This is the latest version of the South Carolina KRA Data Guidelines. It includes general information, data layouts, and guidelines for the KRA. (Current as of 08-30-2021) (142 KB)