Ready for Kindergarten Data Manager Guidelines Site  


This section provides how-to guides and resources for accessing and working with KRA reports. 


Scale Score Report How To

This document shows district admins how to download a district scale score report. For each student in your district that was assessed, this report provides you with the overall KRA score, the standard error of measurement for the overall KRA score, the performance level descriptor, as well as a score and the standard error of measurement in each of the four domains. The report also provides the raw score for each of the items and student demographic data.


Quick Guides

This section includes quick guides and checklists that help support the implementation of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. 


KRA Data Manager End-of-School Year Checklist

This document outlines the tasks that data managers should complete to close out the school year prior to the data associated to this current school year being archived.