Ready for Kindergarten Data Manager Guidelines Site  

Data Manager & Administrator User Manual


This comprehensive manual supports Data Managers and Administrators implementing the Early Learning Assessment and/or Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in their district or program. The Data Manager & Administrator User Manual is a secure document only accessible by logging into your KReady account.

Data Managers have access to all functionality outlined in the manual.
District and Location Administrators will find the Reports and Data Displays sections most helpful within the manual. 


Step 1: Log in to KReady using your username and password. 


Step 2: Select the Administration link in the top, blue bar. This will take you to your administrator dashboard. 

Step 3: Select Support in the top, blue bar. The Data Manager & Administrator User Manual will open in the current window. 




Early Learning Assessment (ELA)


How To Access and Print ELA Reports for Administrators

This video briefly demonstrates how to access and print the various ELA Reports available for administrators. 


Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)


MD 2022-23 School Administrator’s Guide to the KRA

Designed to help school administrators keep track of KRA implementation activities.

MD 2022-23 Data and Reports for Administrators

This document was designed to support Administrators when viewing and analyzing KRA data and reports.

Accessing KRA Reports for Administrators

This video was designed to support administrators when accessing KRA Reports.

Accessing KRA Data Displays for Administrators

Data displays allow teachers, district administrators, and school administrators to view and analyze student data found in KReady through multiple interactive charts.

Accessing KRA Scale Score Report

This document explains how to generate the KRA Scale Score Report, and provides some technology tips when viewing and analyzing data within the report.