Ready for Kindergarten Data Manager Guidelines Site  

How to Upload Teacher, Student, Enrollment Data Manually or Using the Bulk Loader

How to manually add teacher, student, and enrollment data:

  1. To add a teacher manually, click on the 'Users' page and then click the 'Add a User' button. Enter in the required fields and click 'Save'.
  2. To add a student manually, click on the 'Organizations' page and navigate to the specific location/school/site where the student is located. Then, click the 'Add Student' button. Enter in the required fields and click 'Save and Open'.
  3. To tie a student and teacher together manually, once the student details screen is open (after clicking 'Save and Open' at the end of Step #2 above), click on the 'Data Collection Assignments' tab and assign the student to the appropriate data collection. Then, click on the 'Enrollments' tab and assign the appropriate teacher(s) to the student.


How to Access Archived Data from a Past Administration Windows

As a district administrator/data manager, you can access archived data from a past administration window.

  1. Click on the 'Administration' link in the top, blue bar.
  2. Once you are on the Administration dashboard, click on the 'Archive' page.
  3. A list of past school years that has archived data will appear. Click on one of those date ranges (e.g.; From Aug 3, 2015 to Aug 1, 2016).
  4. You have access to the Data Downloads reports and the KRA Scaled Score Reports. To access either of those types of reports, click on the name of the report tab (e.g.; Data Downloads).
  5. The reports then function how they did when you accessed them during a current school year. Follow the directions to select the required fields and then click on the blue button to request the desired report.
  6. A green button will then appear to retrieve the report. Click on that and it will begin to download.

Automate Data Uploads Using the KReady File Watcher

The KReady File Watcher allows you to automate the process of uploading teacher, student, enrollment, and un-enrollment data with the data manager role in the Ready for Kindergarten Online system.

Please refer to this quick guide for how to use the KReady File Watcher.

Tips and Reminders

How to edit a teacher or user's email address:

If you have a teacher, principal, or user that has a new email address and it needs to be updated within the Ready for Kindergarten Online system, you MUST update the user’s email address manually within the system before completing any uploads in bulk using the teachers template.

To update a user’s email address, locate the individual on the ‘Users’ page. Click the Open button next to the individual and edit the Email Address field. Click the ‘Save’ button. If you do not update email addresses manually first before completing any uploads in bulk using the teachers template, you will create another account for the individual with the new email address, rather than updating the individual’s current account since the bulk loader and KReady File Watcher match on user email address.