Ready for Kindergarten Data Manager Guidelines Site  

Early Learning Assessment (ELA) Reports

Learn how to access a key report for district leaders and school administrators available in Ready for Kindergarten Online for the Early Learning Assessment. 


SKB Ratings Report

For district leaders, school administrators, and other individuals with admin permission within the Ready for Kindergarten Online system, this screencast walks you through how to access the ELA SKB report to review the current ratings of all 72 Skills, Knowledge, and Behaviors (SKBs) at any time.


Learning Progression Report For EMIS (Ohio Only)
For district leaders/administrators and data managers within the Ready for Kindergarten Online system, this how-to document provides directions for how to access the ELA Learning Progression Report (For EMIS) to review the ratings of the 10 required learning progressions in Ohio.

Monitor Student Ratings with the SKB Ratings Report

  • Monitor Student Ratings Using SKB Ratings Report


1. Download SKB Ratings Report

Delete unwanted columns (including any SKBs that you don’t wish to see).
Resize the height and column width.
Change the fill colors of the SKBs to visually separate from the demographic data.

2. Select an SKB you want to monitor and click on the cell with the name of the SKB.
3. Select the Sort and Filter Feature.
4. Select Filter.
5. A dropdown arrow will appear next to the skb. Click on the arrow, which will show you filter options.
6. Deselect select all, then select blank to view students who do not yet have ratings for the SKB.
7. The blank cells represent students who are not yet rated, so you will now see only student without ratings.
8. When finished, click the filter dropdown arrow and select clear filter.
9. Repeat for each SKB you wish to monitor.